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If you want to test your driving skills and car's ability against the rest of the drivers in the UK, How Fast is the place to do it! This is your chance to end the pub banter about who has the fastest car or who is the best driver. Come along with some friends and prove it in a safe and controlled environment that really allows you to explore your cars' full performance.

Your event begins with a practice session where you will be able to hone your skills and have advice from our qualified race instructors. After you have had time to practice, it's then down to you to cover the challenging 1.8 mile circuit as fast as possible and set a time that will be displayed on the league table of the How Fast website for all to see.

The event will take place on Bedford Autodromes West Circuit. With it's huge run off area's and a maximum of three cars on circuit during the timed sessions, maximum safety is ensured for all involved.

You can find a list of all of the lastest How Fast dates on the EVENTS page of the website or register your interest in further How Fast events by CLICKING HERE

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